my organic garden built with and for my kids

The point of the exercise is for me to have a place to reflect on my experiences in my brand new garden and in life.

Last weekend I installed the garden and put in a few plants. The kids are super excited and that makes me happy! In fact my son has been saving seeds from everything and anything and asked if we can grow them.  I live in NY so the avocado and orange might be a bit tough. The tomato I can do.  But it causes a moral dilemma. It is just about too late to start it from seed and actually harvest a tomato or 2. But i can tell him that one of the tom plants I have growing under the light in the basement is his. And we can go along that assumption.

On second thought,  I will not do that. I’ll tell him it’s to late to start from seed this year but that he should save the seed and we’ll grow it next.

He’s going to be seven. No reason to lie!

See blogging can be a rewarding and life affirming experience.

You can see the garden layout here. and starting from closest to farthest

Row 1; carrots and radish

Row 2; arugula (it’s a veg-e-tab-le) and shellie peas

Row 3 :cukes and sunflowers (cukes are covered cause its been cold!)

Row 4&5: tomatoes and sunflower(same with the toms)

Row 6: peppers

Row 7 (chainlink): cuke/melon/pumpkin

Left side row is the three sisters (corn/squash/beans)

all in all I’m excited!

More to be planted this weekend……….


Comments on: "A gardening blog and a garden to grow" (1)

  1. Very nice start..

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