my organic garden built with and for my kids

Its amazing what happens when the garden gets a little sun.  Everything perks up a bit. The peppers stand straighter, The tomatoes get taller. Heck even the peas doubled from yesterday. So things are moving albeit slowly.

My late granfather Ike (may his soul rest in peace) always said wait until memorial day to plant. But I got so giddy about the garden that I just couldn’t wait.  AND the Master Gardener’s from my local cooperative extension had their plant sale on May 14th and I like to support them…..

Quick update on the seedlings. They are coming along really well. I moved the sprouted one’s (mustly cuberits (sp) ) out of the dome and under lights. They seem happy. Still waiting for the rest to pop. I am hoping to have everything in by June 15th….

One last note on the sunshine…..It picks people up just like it does the plants…….


OH 1 last thing, I like May 24th. It’s the anniversary of the Islanders winning the first of four stanley cups (never to be heard from again) and its also from a line in one of my favorite RUSH songs….


Comments on: "RAIN RAIN GO AWAY….wait a minute…it did!" (2)

  1. your seedlings look good,I’ve never grown under lights before..Hope you have a sunny week..

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