my organic garden built with and for my kids

the garden taking shape

but I love it!

Got a lot done this weekend in the garden. Fabric on the melon beds. Mulched the first tomato bed. Planted sunflower seeds. Set up the whole irrigation and timer. Spread hay inbetween the rows. 3 reasons for this; to keep the weeds down, to keep the mud down and most importantly to try and keep the feet of the little ones on the paths and out of the beds.

Here’s 2 of them enjoying a little fresh baby arugula


the garden gnomes


whats eating my arugula?


The raddish and carrots are coming up and the cukes ans toms look good. I might have hurt my peppers a bit. I was humming right along with the landscape fabric and thought hey cover the pepper bed. keep those weeds down. I think i cooked em a little. they didnt look so hot the next day. leaves curled. brown/black spots. MEMO TO SELF. DO NOT PUT LANDSCAPE FABRIC ON PEPPER BED ON 85 DEGREE SUNNY DAYS!

I am really excited about the three sisters row. Beans are coming up like crazy and the corn is making a showing. same with the squash. BUT the bed is not getting enough sun. So the tree guy comes tomorrow and I hope to remedy that situation.

Now for some more photos!

the 3 sisters row needs more sun!


a closer look...beans!

One last thing is another note to self; the old timers always said plant out on memorial day weekend. I was late this year becasue it was so cold and wet in may. Do not make this mistake again……..


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