my organic garden built with and for my kids

Day one of 52DC

So in addition to my garden this summer, I decided to enter yet another 52DC. In short the 52DC stands for 52 day challenge. It is a fitness Challenge where you set a certain number of goals for your health and fitness to be tracked over the next 52 days. Why 52 days? because the person that created this thing said so! It has helped me tremendously with my weight loss (26 lbs in 12 months) and staying on target for my fitness (3 triathlons and 1 1/2 marathon since last summer). It’s fun and challenging.

Funny thing is I wasn’t going to join this challenge. I was feeling burned out. Had enough. Gonna eat and drink and be fat and merry! Then a friend/nemesis on the board fried me like a green tomato (yum! cant wait. I bet my friend TNTMAN has a recipe…..)  and I made the decision not only to join but to push myself farther than ever.  So the next 32 days will include running at least 75 miles, biking at least 225 miles, 1000 pullups, 1000 pushups, lifting weights and eating healthy.

I follow the TNT eating program. For info on that let me link you to the

You know, the push from Matt is really what the 52DC is all about, but don’t tell him I said so…….


Comments on: "Day one of 52DC" (3)

  1. TNT Man said:

    Nice – Blog. Beautiful kids. Great Garden. Glad you are back for another 52DC

    TNT Man

  2. I’m gonna have to check ya’lls fitness challenges out..I started the weight-watchers online back in Jan.but I sure should add some excersise (sp) into the mix..Your garden looks great and I love the fact your getting the children envolved,I’m a big fan of teaching children while they are young about growing vegetables thats where gardeners come from…

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