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Triathalon Race Report

“re-posted from 52DC forum”

I gotta say I feel great. Guys and girls, EVERYONE should enter some sort of organized race during this challenge. A 1 miler to a marathon. Doest matter. It is an amazing feeling from start to finish. Ad finish I did, 1:27:52 is the official time.
swim went well. much better than expected. no major isues except a leaky right goggle. Who needs two eyes to swim ayway, right? Bike ride was good, not great. Why not great? Because riding on a spin bike vs the open road is no comparison. Next time more outdoor rides. Had a big scare cresting a hill< I was pumping hard head down, next thing I know I'm in the weeds and thinking I am gonna crash for sure. Back wheel slid out and I'm fishtailing. Somehow the front wheel kept on gripping, I braked easy, the back weel found some grip (I have no idea how) And I was able to get it back on the road. Heart really pumping!!! But I had the wind. Breathing was never the problem. Quads are another story. Also, my bike shoes bothered me on my road bike and they never do when I spin. In fact my right foot went totally numb with about 1 mile to go in the ride. Didnt come back until almost the 1 mile mark in the run. This is what held me back from really killing it. took me the whole first mile to find my legs. Then 2 good songs in my head (Southern Cross and Big railroad blues) gave a lift to my step and I finished strong with a kick.
Pleasant surprise: as I was finishig the bike I heard my Dad cheering for me. He told me he couldnt make the race. He is a big inspiration for me. At 40 he quit smoking, took up running ad lost 40 lbs. Sound familiar? He's even ran the NYCmarathon. I am not sure about that one.

Great start to this challenge for me.


Comments on: "Triathalon Race Report" (1)

  1. TNT Man said:

    Said it before – say it again – Well Done! Congrats. You have really taken yourself the distance. Keep up the great work.

    TNT Man

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